Majestic Tikal Day Tour


If you are staying in the Capital City of Belmopan or along the Hummingbird Highway, this can be your opportunity to spend a majestic day in one of the most visited UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Tikal is unrivaled amongst ancient Maya cities; its monumental architecture speaks of a vibrant society that accomplished greatness from the 4th century BC to its mind-boggling collapse in 900 AD. Inventors of the concept of zero, its architecture, and its mathematical achievements have left a historical legacy worth witnessing. Walkthrough Tikal and feel the splendor of those ancient days as you walk and climb temples that leave you in awe within the magical realm of a Maya society that still permeates present-day Central America.

You will get picked up in Belmopan and head towards the Guatemala-Belize Border.

$ 150.00 USD + Tax/ per person

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5:30 AM – 5:00 PM

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