Awesome Guide, Unforgettable Experience!!

My significant other and I went on the ruins tour with an amazing tour guide, Marvin. We both approached this activity as something we “should” do while in Belize. It ended up being our favorite day out of our 10 day trip. This was the day we felt like we actually left the resort and got to see and experience the country of Belize. The ruins were amazing, something you can’t understand unless you’ve seen. What really made the difference was Marvin. He was so extremely knowledgeable, answering all our questions and providing tons of facts and information. He conveyed the information in a way that was not overwhelming, but by the end of the day I felt like I had an entire semesters worth of history under my belt. He took us to a local restaurant, Benny’s, for lunch and provided awesome recommendations on what to try. I was nervous about getting sick from the street food, neither of us did. On our way back to the resort, Marvin went out of his way and took extra time to take us to the capital and even let us stop at a local market to buy a couple snacks. We had the best day, would 10/10 recommend!!

Abby P

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