Mayan Ruin Tour (Xunantunich and Cahal Pech)


On this amazing tour, you will get to visit Xunantunich which sits next to the borderline with Guatemala and Cahal Pech found on the edge of San Ignacio Town, these beautifully decorated cities in the midst of a densely populated ancient Belize were once part of a network of kingdoms and ruling families. Immerse yourself in history with a start at Xunantunich, an impressive, well-excavated, and easily accessible Maya site that was an influential ceremonial center for over a thousand years. Having achieved its greatest success during the Terminal Classic Period (A. D. 750-900), Xunantunich faced its demise between A. D. 900-1050 when it became part of the “Maya collapse”. El Castillo which is the second tallest ancient Maya structure in Belize stands at this site at 130 feet above plaza level and provides a 360-degree view of the Belize River Valley.

After lunch in San Ignacio Town, take a 10-minute drive to Cahal Pech which is one of the oldest Maya sites in Belize. Archaeological findings at this site have proven that Cahal Pech was inhabited from 1200 B. C. and abandoned around 900 A. D. Unlike Xunantunich which main purpose was that of a ceremonial center, Cahal Pech was mainly a trading center, its architectural style shows that it was an important residential center ruled by a royal family. Join us on this tour and follow those royal footsteps that walked these plazas and passages over a thousand years ago.

$ 85.00 USD + Tax/ per person

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8 AM – 4 PM

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