Crystal Cave at Blue Hole National Park


Mountain Cow Cave is a breathtaking experience of a world-class crystal cave at St.Herman’s Blue Hole National Park. Caves were to the ancient Maya the spiritual realm they called Xibalba, the dwelling of gods and spirits on their quest for the heavens. During the time of their ancient civilization, Mountain Cow Cave also known as Crystal Cave was a sacred cave of so much importance that it hosted ceremonies that involved human sacrifices, the evidence of crystalized human bones is impressive, the cave formations are the best expression of the world of minerals within the limestone composition of the Maya Mountains.

Experience the mesmerizing effect that the ancient Maya saw in the underworld, the dancing flames from their wooden torches lighting the way through dancing crystals and spirits of their ancestors. Crystal Cave has been visited by many top world cavers looking for that spectacular yet rare glimpse of nature, in this case, magical as it is mixed with superstition and the remnants of ancient Maya rituals and the supernatural.

$ 85.00 USD + Tax/ per person

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6 hours

9:00 am – 3:00 pm

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