Birding in Belize


Belize is amongst one of the top emergent tourism destinations in the region that prides itself with having 40% of Belize’s area under a National Protected Areas System. Within the 8867 square miles that encompass Belize, there are 10 different ecosystems on land. Belize’s environmental dynamics are complex, yet approximately 325,000 people strive daily within this sensitive environment for a balance between industry and nature. We also have the second-largest barrier reef in the world and our coastal areas and cayes are home to a wide diversity of species including birds. 591 bird species have been so far identified in Belize amongst resident and migratory birds.

Within the last few years, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and the Belize Audubon Society (BAS), a conservation society, have embarked on new efforts to strengthen Bird Conservation and Bird Tourism in Belize and as a result, Upsidedown Tours prides itself on being part of such efforts. We offer early morning birding and full-day birding tours. Abel Garcia, owner, and general manager of Upsidedown Tours is our Lead Bird Guide with over 15 years in the birding field. Upsidedown Tours is also one of the main sponsors to the Hummingbird Club, a group of Belizean birding and conservation fans mostly based on the Hummingbird Highway.

The northeast quadrant of the Maya Mountains is a very unique bird habitat and we are based in it. We are so close to the St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park which partly sits within the CavesBranch River Valley, we are also so close to the Sibun River Valley and the Belize River Valley, another great birding habitat.

$ 25.00 USD + Tax/ per person (Short)

$75.00 USD + Tax/ per person (Long)

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6 AM – 8 AM (Shor)

6 AM – 12 PM (Long)