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At Upside Down Tours, we specialize in outstanding inland adventures that range from mellow sightseeing, birding, and archaeological tours to hard-core adventure expeditions in the Cayo District and within the Maya Mountains of Belize.

Come and experience Belize with a well-known, reputable adventure company. Ready for a new challenge? Experience a wild adventure as you explore Belize’s majestic ruins, ancient caves, and wild jungle.

Can’t decide on just one expedition? Get the best of both worlds. We have Belize’s best all-inclusive adventure packages that will satisfy the thrill seeker within

Abel Garcia

We are located in central Belize, Cayo District, 8 Miles from the capital city Belmopan, through the admired natural beauty that surrounds the winding Hummingbird Highway. Our community is Armenia Village which is just four miles from the famous St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park and 14 miles from Five Blues Lake National Park. We are also 45 minutes away from the world-famous ATM Cave (Actun Tunichil Muknal).

Let’s say that we take a drive from Corozal Town in Northern Belize to Punta Gorda Town in Southern Belize, we go through the Districts of Corozal, Orange Walk, and the Belize District where the topography is generally flat. Within a few minutes from Belize City, we see the northern edge of the Maya Mountains towering out of the coastal low lands. As we get closer to the Hummingbird Highway we see the abundance and diversity of inland Belize. From Belmopan to the coastal town of Dangriga we pass communities with the most awe-inspiring landscapes of Belize and the Maya Mountains.

We now approach Armenia Village, our senses are suddenly filled with joy as our eyes comb the landscape admiring its tremendous natural expression. Some of the best views of Central America and Belize extend from our location to the coast. Our geographic location for nature’s beauty and adventure is unrivaled through Central Belize.

The limestone topography of the Maya Mountains is permeated with many underground rivers that are part of giant cave systems; add the jungle and venture outside with us into the home of over 3000 species of vascular plants, 163 species of mammals, 84 species of bats, 40 species of reptiles/amphibians and almost 600 species of birds.

Our Team

Owner and General Manager Abel Garcia have been a certified Tour Guide for 19 years. As a former member of BDARRT (Belize Disaster And Rescue Response Team), Abel has taken part in many pieces of training and rescue scenarios and has been certified as an Emergency Medicine First Responder, Remote Duty Medic, Cave Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, Low and High Angle Rescue, Technical Rope Rescue Systems and training with an emphasis on Shock Trauma and Triage. His previous job involved being the manager and coordinator of a team of up to 20 high adventure guides.

Upsidedown Tours’ Drivers /Guides have all been certified as Tour Guides by the Belize Tourism Board. All have been highly trained and certified in different rescue scenarios and as Emergency First Responders by National and International institutions.

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