The new sport in Belize that is just emerging is a combination of jungle-river kayaking with underground kayaking. This tour takes place on the same river and what you get is amazing flora, fauna, geology, Mayan archaeology and that amazing paddling adventure. But wait… the other part is sitting on your kayak, paddle on hand, safety helmet on, then, we turn our headlights off, now we are kayaking in total darkness, floating gently with the flow. Sensory deprivation… You wait five -ten minutes and then you start seeing that faint white hue of light, photons, travelling towards you from the other side of the tunnel where you emerge to experience the most surreal spectacular day light effects penetrating the jungle canopy and its lush ground vegetation. This tour has pieces of high adventure, adrenaline, calmness and peacefulness through four stretches of the most pristine rainforest in Belize and three spectacular limestone caves that have been magically carved to guarantee personal satisfaction and value to your vacation funds.

*We pick you up from any hotel in Belmopan or surrounding areas; if you are located in San Ignacio, Hopkins or Placencia, we ask you to drive towards us if you have a rental vehicle and if not we can arrange a pickup for you.

*Lunch and all gear is included

WHAT TO BRING: Shorts, t-shirt, water-shoes or tennis shoes. Bug spray and sun screen, is provided if needed. Bring water-proof cameras if available, if not, we will keep your phones safe and dry.  A complete change of clothes is needed for the adventurous 45 minute jungle drive to the Hummingbird Highway and then to your hotel.

PHYSICAL LEVEL: Intermediate. No kayaking experience is needed.

TOUR TIME: 6-7 HOURS starting from 8:00 AM- 9:00 AM

PRICE PER PERSON: US$105.00 PER PERSON for 2-3 people, if above 3 it is US$95.00 per person.


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